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Torque Specifications

These specifications are for Trek family bicycles. It can also be used as a guide for most other bicycles, but for exact specs, check with the original manufacture of the product.

Bottom Bracket

Bottom bracket cups 300-360  lb•in (32.9-40.7 Nm)
Tandem  eccentric 75-100 lb•in (8.5-11.3 Nm)
Single-speed eccentric 75-100 lb•in (8.5-11.3 Nm)



Pad fixing bolts cantilever, direct-pull, U-brake 70-80 lb•in (7.9-9 Nm)
Pad fixing bolts road calipers 40-60 lb•in (4.5-6.8 Nm)
Arm fixing bolts cantilever, direct-pull, U-brake 70-85 lb•in (7.9-9.6 Nm)
Caliper fixing bolts on seatstays 70-85 lb•in (7.9-9.6 Nm)
on the fork 53-62 lb•in (6-7 Nm)
Disc brake mounting bolts 100-110 lb•in (11.3-12.4 Nm)
Disc brake adapter mounting bolts M6 100-110 lb•in (11.3-12.4 Nm)
M5 60-65 lb•in (6.8-7.3 Nm)
Disc attachment bolts 45-55 lb•in (5-6.2 Nm)
Centerlock attachment 350 lb•in (40.2 Nm)
Cable clamp bolt 50-70 lb•in (5.7-7.9 Nm)
Coaster brake Brake-arm clamp bolt 18-27 lb•in (2-3 Nm)



Lockring 261-434 lb•in (30-50 Nm)



Bontrager crank bolts Sport cranks with a single M8 bolt on each arm 336-372 lb•in (38- 42 Nm)
single M12 or M15  bolt on each arm 420-480 lb•in (47.5-54.2 Nm)
Shimano crank bolts Shimano cranks with double pinch bolts on each arm 106-132 lb•in (12-15 Nm) (Tighten in Alternating Fashion)
Other crank bolts with a single M8 or M10 bolt on each arm 350-435 lb•in (39.5- 49.2 Nm)
Chainring bolts steel 106-124 lb•in (12-14 Nm)
aluminum 71-79 lb•in (8-9 Nm)



Front derailleur band clamp bolt 25-35 lb•in (2.8-4 Nm)
braze-on mounting bolt 44-60 lb•in (4.9-6.8 Nm)
Rear derailleur mounting bolt 70-85 lb•in (7.9-9.6 Nm)
Cable clamp bolt 35-52 lb•in (3.5-5.9 Nm)



Rack or fender strut bolt 20-25 lb•in (2.3-2.9 Nm)



Water bottle bolt 20-25 lb•in (2.3-2.9 Nm)
Dropout attachment screws Belt drive sliding dropouts 80-88 lb•in (9-10 Nm)
Top tube cable stop 22-30 lb•in (2.5-3.5 Nm)
Rack or fender strut bolt 20-25 lb•in (2.3-2.9 Nm)
Rear derailleur hanger bolt non-Madone applications 50-70 lb•in (5.7-8.0 Nm)
Madone Rear Derailler hanger bolt 22-30 lb•in (2.5-3.5 Nm)
DuoTrap Screw M3 5-7 lb•in (0.6-0.8 Nm)
Madone Bottom Bracket Cable Guide Bolt 20-25 lb•in (2.3-2.9 Nm)



Aerobars extension clamp bolts 60 lb•in (6.8 Nm)
elbow pad mounting bolts 45 lb•in (5 Nm)



Kickstand 160-200 lb•in (18-23 Nm)



Pedal axle 350-380 lb•in (40.2-42.9 Nm)



Saddle clamp bolts Bontrager seatpost with bolt across the seatpost head 120-150 lb•in (13.6-17 Nm)
single bolt using a M7 bolt 150 lb•in (17 Nm)
double bolt using a M6 bolt, with metal post 120 lb•in (13.5m)
double bolt using a M6 bolt, with carbon 100 lb•in (11.3)
double bolt using a M5 bolt 60 lb•in (6.8m)
New Madone saddle clamp bolt 125-140 lb•in (14-16 Nm)
For seat fixing bolts using a 13 or 14 mm open end wrench 180-220 lb•in (20.3-24.9 Nm)


Seatpost Binder

Binder bolt M5 bolt 40-60 lb•in (4.5-6.8 Nm)
M6 bolt 60-80 lb•in (6.8-9 Nm)
New Madone seatmast clamp bolts 44-62 lb•in (5-7 Nm)
hidden binder 61.96 lb•in (7 Nm)


Shift Levers and Brake Levers

Brake lever clamp mountain or road style 53-69 lb•in (6.0-7.8 Nm)
mid-bar lever 20-30 lb•in (2.3-3.3 Nm)



Stem expander 100-120 lb•in (11.3-13.6 Nm)
Handlebar clamp M5 bolts 46 lb•in (5.2 Nm)
M6 bolts on metal handlebar 120 lb•in (13.6 Nm)
M6 bolts on carbon handlebar 100 lb•in (11.3 Nm)
M7 bolt 150 lb•in (16.9 Nm)
Steerer clamp M5 bolts 46 lb•in (5.2 Nm)
M6 bolts with aluminum steerer 120 lb•in 13.5 Nm)
M6 bolts with carbon steerer 100 lb•in (11.3 Nm)
Stem angle adjustment 150-170 lb•in (17-20.3 Nm)
Tandem stoker stem extension adjustment 120-140 lb•in (13.6-15.8 Nm)
seatpost clamp 100-120 lb•in (11.3-13.6 Nm)



Axle nuts front 180-240 lb•in (20.3-27.1 Nm)
rear 240-300 lb•in (27.1-33.9 Nm)
i-Motion axle nuts rear 266 – 350 lb•in (30–40 Nm)
Axle bolt Belt drive rear hub 45-55 lb•in (5-6 Nm)
Disc Brake Disc mountain bolts 44-55 lb•in (5-6.2 Nm)
Tricycle Front wheel pinch bolts 150-280 lb•in (17-20.3 Nm)
Tricycle split rear rim joining bols 180-220 lb•in (20.3-24.9 Nm)



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