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Disc brake pad &
rotor bed in procedure


All new brake pads and rotors should be put through
a wear-in process called ‘bed-in’. The bed-in procedure,
which should be performed prior to your first ride,
ensures the most consistent and powerful braking
feel, along with the quietest braking in most riding
conditions. The bed-in process heats up the brake
pads and rotors, which deposits an even layer of
brake pad material (transfer layer) to the braking
surface of the rotor. It is this transfer layer that
optimizes braking performance.




The bed-in process requires you to perform heavy
braking. You must be familiar with the power and
operation of disc brakes. Braking heavily when not
familiar with the power and operation of disc brakes
could cause you to lose control of your bicycle. This
could lead to a crash, serious injury, and even death.
If you are unfamiliar with the power and operation
of disc brakes, you should have the bed-in process
performed by a qualified bicycle mechanic.



Do not lock up the wheels at any point during the
bed-in procedure



To safely achieve optimal results, remain seated on
the bike during the entire bed-in procedure.

1. Accelerate the bicycle to a moderate speed, then
firmly apply the brakes until you are at walking
speed. Repeat approximately twenty times.

2. Accelerate the bike to a faster speed. Then very
firmly apply the brakes until you are at walking
speed. Repeat approximately ten times.



3. Allow the brakes to cool prior to any additional riding.

For more information on disc brakes, check out Disc Brake 101.

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