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Sidi Bicycle Shoes

We stock a wide selection of Sidi's super cycling shoes!

Sidi bicycle shoes are hand made with pride and precision in Italy!

Dino Signori was at a crossroads. He was a very good junior racer, fast enough to be offered a contract, and a chance to make it in the pro peloton. But he was also a trained shoemaker, with the opportunity to pursue this time-honored craft in his native Italy, a land where artisans are revered. He opted for the latter course, and cycling has never been the same. 

Dino Signori struck out on his own in 1960, establishing a workshop named by the first two letters of his last and first names: SiDi. The initial focus was on mountaineering boots and ski boots (and in fact Mr. Dino invented the very first monofilament line closure for shoes in 1966, employing them on ski boots for Italian Olympic Champion Marielle Vautcel). But it was in 1973 that he made his indelible mark on the cycling landscape.

For almost 50 years, Sidi has been hand making world-class shoes for cyclists, from the most elite racers to weekend warriors. Their attention to detail, quality and comfort is unmatched in the industry, just ask anyone who has ever worn them. Sidi was started in 1960 by Dino Signori, a lifelong cyclist with a passion for great shoes.

And soon, Sidi innovations like adjustable cleats, Velcro straps and micro-adjust buckles had become industry standards. Technology and innovations only go so far when it comes to shoes, however. Ultimately, it's fit and comfort that count most. And, Sidi knows that not all feet are created equal and they don’t just come in one width. So why should your shoes?The perfect fit with a flick of the dial!

Sidis are offered in wide, narrow and women’s-specific sizes in addition to the standard width. To further dial in the fit, Sidi's Heel Security System lets you fine-tune the heels up to 6mm for a perfect fit and maximum pedaling efficiency. This prevents heel lift during sprints and climbs and you won't have to crank your straps down so tight your feet go numb.

Sidis have replaceable components so you can keep them going seemingly forever! Sidis are also made to withstand hard use by professional cyclists and enthusiasts over literally thousands of miles (tens of thousands, in the case of road shoes). And that means small parts need to be replaceable. This extends the life of your shoes, so you won’t need a whole new pair if a single part is damaged.

The passion to bring you quality, comfort, durability and longevity is what drives Dino Signori, his son Daniele, daughter Rosella and their devoted employees to make their shoes the absolute best they can be, which is why so many professionals will wear nothing else.

Check out our Sidis and be sure to swing by to try a pair on. You'll feel the Sidi difference, and your feet will thank you!

Sidi bicycle shoes: when you want the best!

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