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RockShox Knows Suspension

We proudly carry RockShox shocks!

During the 1980's, Paul Turner was a team mechanic for Honda and raced their motorcycles too. At that time he was also bit by the mountain-bike bug, and the more he pedaled, the more he felt that the rigid off-roaders of the time were harsh-riding and inefficient. With all his experience with suspended motorcycles Turner was sure he could improve mountain biking by adding suspension. So he set to work in his machine shop.

He started by modifying a lightweight motocross shock fork and trying it on his bicycle. It worked! He then remembered that a few years earlier, his friend Steve Simons had developed a new shock that revolutionized the motocross industry. Turner asked Simons to come work with him to apply his RockShox has been making winning shock forks for decades!expertise to bicycles. And, they teamed up to make the first production bicycle shock fork named RockShox, and the RockShox company was born.

Throughout the years, RockShox has sponsored and employed a host of pro riders from all disciplines of the sport as testers and product developers in the quest for better and better suspension products. In 1990, Ned Overend won the XC World Cup with a RockShox fork. In '96 Paola Pezzo won the Gold in the first-ever Olympic mountain bike race on a RockShox Judy. And, these are just a few of the endless wins RockShox racked up over the years.

Great suspension means great rides!Today RockShox continues on their never-ending pursuit to provide you with riding perfection. They're constantly refining, tweaking, lightening and strengthening their shocks. So if your favorite bike isn't riding the way it should, check out our selection of RockShox forks and shocks. We'll get your baby up and riding the way you know she can. Whether it's an 8-inch freeride machine or a sub-22-pound XC rocket, we've got the right 'Shox for you!


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