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MIPS Helmets | March 2017

Safeguard Your Smarts

We admit that helmet technology is not the most exciting topic (although we do think that MIPS is pretty fun to say), but it is certainly an important consideration when selecting a new helmet. That’s why our current Staff Pick is any helmet that features the patented Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). Developed by scientific and medical researchers with a passion for safety and tested by independent third parties, MIPS is now available in a variety of models from many of our favorite brands.

So what is MIPS? It is an integrated, low-friction layer within a helmet that is designed to reduce the amount of rotational motion that is transferred to the brain from an angled impact to the head. This layer allows for a very small amount of movement inside of the helmet at the time of impact, which redirects and redistributes some portion of the force that would otherwise be transferred to the brain.

Of course, we hope that we never have to put our MIPS-equipped helmets to the test, but we do feel more confident riding in gear that we know will perform in adverse circumstances. MIPS is custom designed to fit the ventilation and shape of each model of helmet in which it is included, making it a comfortable, effective, and unintrusive way to ride with improved peace of mind.

MIPS Helmet

MIPS Helmets

Available in Multiple Brands / Models
Starting at $64.99

  • Reduces impact of rotational motion
  • Low weight, ranging from 25 to 45 grams (varies by model)
  • Custom design and engineered for each helmet model
  • Tested and top-rated by Consumer Reports
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