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For competitive athletes racing the clock.
Or enthusiasts unwilling to act their age.
Unbelievably effective.
Using legal, healthy minerals instead of painkillers.

SportLegs®.  It's about time.

U.S. Pat. No. 6,699,906

What’s in SportLegs?  The active ingredients are premium natural-source European lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium with Vitamin D.  (Lactate isn't the same as lactose.  No dairy-source ingredients are in SportLegs.)  Other ingredients to maintain potency of the delicate Vitamin D are gluten-free modified corn starch, sucrose, sodium ascorbate, dl-alpha tocopherol, vegetable oil triglycerides and silicon dioxide.  These premium ingredients are packed into color-free hypromellose vegetable capsules.

 From 120-capsule bottle label


What sports does it work for?  Skiers, snowboarders and cyclists report the most dramatic benefits, followed by competitive short- and long-distance runners.  Weightlifters tell us they can get 50% more repetitions in a set before the "burn" stops them.  Climbers, Supercross racers and national champion downhill mountain bike racers use SportLegs to beat "arm pump."  Our loyal customers include triathletes, soccer players, NFL quarterbacks, pro hockey players, lacrosse players, collegiate rowing teams, Navy SEAL instructors, bodybuilders, surfers, swimmers, national champion speed skaters, golfers and equestrians.

Is it my imagination, or does the "burn" really get worse with age?  It's not your imagination: The "burn" and the next-day soreness really do get worse with age.  Just as your safe maximum heart rate declines through middle age, your Lactate Threshold (the "burn" point) declines by a percent to a percent-and-a-half each year.  It's the biggest reason people quit sports during their peak earning years. The older you get, the more you'll appreciate how SportLegs lets you figuratively turn back the calendar.  You don't have to act your age.

How is SportLegs different from ordinary calcium/magnesium supplements?

Ordinary "cal/mag" supplements are typically carbonate, citrate, phosphate or gluconate compounds.  SportLegs uses lactate (not lactose) compounds of these minerals.  Lactate accounts for 86.4% of the capsules’ ingredients, and is the key to why SportLegs makes a difference you can feel in an hour, and ordinary "cal-mag" supplements don't.  Tell me more


Is SportLegs safe?  SportLegs’ ingredients have been Generally Recognized As Safe by our FDA for more than twenty years.  At the appropriate body-weight dosage, the federal Institute of Medicine recognizes these ingredients as safe enough for a one-year-old.

It almost feels like cheating.  Is SportLegs legal?  SportLegs’ ingredients remain legal for all competition sanctioned by WADA, USADA, UCI, IOC and NCAA authorities.  They have been used to legally win state, National and World championships.

What about cross-contamination risk?  Top-ranked athletes can't take chances their supplements might be cross-contaminated with Prohibited Substances.  Neither can we.  So we don't allow any substances listed in the current World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited List inside our manfacturing facilities.  Our facilities operate under strict Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.  Production room dust collection systems are employed, and all equipment and utensils are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each manufacturing step to prevent cross-contamination.

Any side effects?  Any supplement rich in calcium can reduce the effectiveness of tetracycline prescriptions, typically prescribed for skin problems like acne.  Beyond that, SportLegs can help maintain good bone health.  And help fill your trophy case.


How much do I take?  Take one SportLegs capsule per 50 pounds body weight, rounding up.  In other words, if you weigh 125 pounds, take three capsules.


When do I take it?  Take SportLegs one hour before sports or warmup exercise.  Unlike ordinary vitamins, you don't have to take SportLegs every day.  And there's no "loading" phase where you have to take it for a week or longer before you feel results.  You'll feel the difference in your performance an hour after your first dose.  Re-dose your full weight-appropriate dose every two to three hours for sustained sports or tournaments.  And a dose at the end of activity enhances recovery.


Can I take SportLegs on an empty stomach?  Almost certainly.  The majority of SportLegs users do.  Even customers who are bothered by many other supplements find SportLegs is the exception to the rule.  In the last five years, only one customer has contacted us to report an upset stomach after taking SportLegs, and he admitted his symptoms just might have been caused by the liter of tequila(!) he had enjoyed the night before.

Does SportLegs replace my electrolyte supplements?  No.  In fact, since SportLegs allows you to go harder, longer, it’s prudent to increase your intake of hydration and electrolyte products after taking it.  We recommend Accelerade, Cytomax, or the many fine Hammer Nutrition products.

Can I overdose on SportLegs?  Hardly.  Athletes have been using SportLegs for 24-hour, RAAM and Ultra events for years, re-dosing every two hours, with no adverse effects.  However, it’s prudent to consider your total daily supplemental magnesium intake.  The Institute of Medicine’s Dietary Reference Intakes for magnesium note that while a majority of subjects comfortably tolerate 1200mg of supplemental magnesium per day, more than 350mg of total supplemental magnesium per day can cause loose bowels for the very most sensitive subjects.  If you’re taking a daily magnesium supplement, you might want to skip it on days you’re taking SportLegs until you know how sensitive your system is.

What's the shelf life?  SportLegs packaging is stamped with expiration dates of three years from date of manufacture.

If I take it too often, will I develop an immunity to SportLegs?  Will I have to take more to achieve the same effect?  No.  We've been using SportLegs ourselves since 1987.  It still works as well as it did twenty years ago (we wish everything else worked as well as it did twenty years ago).  Seven years of feedback from amateur and pro athletes concurs.

Is SportLegs addictive?  Strictly speaking, no.  But what can become addictive, honestly, is the endorphin rush you get from higher-performance sports without the usual "burn" and soreness downsides.  Ask any marathoner, triathlete or ultra-distance competitor.  Especially if they use SportLegs.

Get yourself some Sportlegs here!

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