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Village Cycle Center - Chicago's Bike Experts

1337 N Wells St. Chicago, IL
(312) 751-2488
Mon - Fri 10am - 9pm
Sat & Sun 10am - 6pm

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We love meeting/hearing from qualified people. To apply online, please answer the questions below and click the Submit Form button at the bottom to forward this application to us. We'll review it and be in touch if we like what we see. Thanks!

Note: * indicates required information

Personal Information

(First, Middle, Last)
Street Address*
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Email address*
How did you hear of us?*
What position(s) are you applying for?*
(select all that apply)
Sales Department - Sales Associate
Service Department - Service Counter
Service Department - Mechanic
Please provide the names and contact information of at least 2 references that we may contact.*

Work Availability

We are open 7 days a week. Monday - Friday 10am - 9pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm. Please check which days you are available.*
To select or deselect multiple options, hold the "Ctrl" key when clicking.
If hired, when will you be able to begin work?*
(enter available start date)
If you are available to work on a day marked above, but not all day, please list the times available below.
Can you work 10am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday? If no, please explain.*
Do you race?*
If you answered yes, please tell us about your racing: how frequent, how much travel, etc.

Previous Work Experience & Education

Why do you want to work at a bike shop?*
Why do you want to work at Village Cycle Center?*
Have you ever applied for a job with us before?*
(select one)
What's the highest level of education you've achieved?*
(select one)
Still attending high school
High School
College Degree
Masters or Doctorate Degree
Do you speak any languages other than English?
(if yes, tell us which one)
Have you ever worked in a bicycle shop before?*
(select one)
If you have worked in a bicycle shop, please tell us the name and location of the store and how long you worked there.
If you have not worked in a bicycle shop, please tell us briefly about any retail experience you have had (company you worked for, job responsibilities).
Have you attended any specialty bicycle courses, such as Barnett's or United's?
If yes, please tell us when and where.
Work history*
(please tell us about your last 2 jobs and briefly explain your responsibilities there)
Give us an anecdote from your life, which demonstrates your resourcefulness.*
Give us an example of something you've done in a past job that shows how you'll contribute to the success of our business.*
Please tell us anything else you would like us to know about why we should consider you for a position.

Bicycle Knowledge

So what do you know about bikes? A little, a lot? We hire people with a wide range of knowledge, but we like to know where we are starting from. If you are applying for sales or mechanics position, please fill this section out.

Please tell us what types of bicycles you have and how often you ride.*
Define the cycling term "cadence."*
Explain the difference between a tubeless and tubular tire.*
Name 5 components on a bicycle.*
Do you wear a helmet?*
What in your opinion are some of the hottest cycling trends today?*
What's your favorite road ride, trail or cycling event?*
Who do you consider the world's most-famous cyclist?*

Service Knowledge Base

This section is required to be filled out by people applying for a position in our service department, and optional for sales applicants.

What bike brands do you have experince working with?
Can you change a flat inner tube?
(select one)
Can you true a wheel?
Can you build a wheel?
Have you installed tubeless set ups?
Can you install and adjust mechanical/hydraulic disc brakes?
Can you bleed disc brakes?
What brands of shocks can you rebuild/overhaul?
Can you wrap drop bars on a road bike?
Name 10 manufactures of bicycle parts or components.
Have you completed technical training for Shimano Di2?
Are you certified to install Campy's EPS drivetrain system?
What is your favorite bicycle lubricant?
What direction does the drive side bottom bracket spin during installation?
Counter Clockwise
Do you have experience with electric bikes? If yes, please explain.
Can you run a 3/32" chain on a 1/8" single speed chainring and cog? How about the other way around?
What is happening 95% of the time a bike breaks?
Please select one.
Riding off a curb.
Riding off of sweet jumps.
Just riding around.
Left bike on roof of car while pulling into the garage.
It was just sitting in the living room.
Do you really need a torque wrench when working with carbon?
Yes, every time.
No, my hands are my torque wrench.
What is a torque wrench?

Thank You!

Thanks very much for filling out and submitting an application. We'll be in touch if you qualify for a position with us. (Be sure to click the Submit Form button below so that we receive your application.)

Note: * indicates required information.

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